If you have been wondering why you have not been able to get a date on tinder, then there must be something you are doing completely wrong. Why not take a look at this easy steps and discover where you went wrong

  1. Opening lines should feel natural

It must be simple and also, there must be something which would spark the public’s interest. It could be your place of work, or your previous school. Make it natural, nothing special is needed.

  1. Never skip the bio

This is the aspect where you get to give more details about yourself to potential matches this includes: your hobbies, interests and what you are looking for.

  1. Ensure you sync your Instagram

With your instagram synced, people can easily access your pictures and this is a wonderful way to start conversations. This would also keep your profile fresh automatically.

  1. Sunday evenings are your best swiping time

Most tinder users are more active on Sundays, but you should try to be more active on weekdays also, and even while travelling.

  1. Don’t just give your number

Ensure you are ready to meet the person you are chatting with before giving them your contact details.

  1. Make sure there’s a talking point in your pictures

Ensure that there is always something to talk about in your pictures. This makes you more approachable.

  1. Always use colorful pictures.

Never make use of dull pictures. Ensure that your pictures are always colorful. Dull pictures would make people develop some sort of negative feeling towards you.

  1. Never restrict yourself

Try as much as possible to do this. Never restrict yourself to a particular country. The more people you chat with from different parts of the world, the more likely your chances of getting a date.

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