People have always received questionable sex advice from folks that have claimed to be knowledgeable in that aspect. most of the answers provided are always given to some complex sexual problems. If unfortunately, you happen not to have a condom while it’s about time go down, you can easily make your own condoms out of balloons, sandwich bags ETC.

This would have been a perfect DIY replacement for condoms only if it worked. This method doesn’t work! People believe that because plastic wrap is wonderful for oral sex, then it should always work for anything involving a penis, however this is not always the case. It’s quite difficult to keep the fluid inside the wrap and also keeping the wrap on the penis.

This is not the only wrong notion going around about contraceptives. 7 myths would be listed, and please be advised never to attempt any of the supposed safe sex myths while you are trying your protect yourself. Just purchase a condom, they are more easier too use and way safer.

7 ‘safe’sex hacks you should never try

Hack 1: You would not get pregnant if your partner warms his testicles up beforehand

Hack 2: You would never get pregnant if the guy jerks off first before banging you

Hack 3: You would never get pregnant the first time you have sex

Hack 4: You would never get pregnant if you bang in specific positions

Hack 5: You would never get pregnant if you drink/douche with soda.

Hack 6. Jumping up and down would get the semen out and prevent you from getting pregnant.

Hack 7. Having sex in water helps prevent pregnancy


All the hacks mentioned above are false and they should not even be given a second thought before dismissing them. They would never prevent pregnancy. The most advisable thing together do is just get a condom. Easy and safe.

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