The most popular porn categories on the internet

People are learning quite a lot from the most popular categories in porn. This information is available based on the data collected and released by top adult sites. Visitors of porn sites watch exactly the type of smut they are interested in. Collectively, this data helps pornography WebPages know what genres are the most popular, viewed and desired by visitors. When it comes to what the most popular porn genres are, the results are often surprising.

Lesbian: Watching women go at each other sexually seems to be something everyone enjoys. At least those who watch pornography. The lesbian sex movies are some of the most viewed and popular in adult sites. All across the USA and several parts of the world, lesbian porn came out on top of all other genres.

Hentai: No one would imagine that animated images would beat out actual real life performers. However, that is exactly what has happened with the hentai genre. It has spiked dramatically over the years. So much so that it is the second most viewed form of pornography. Hentai porn jumped more than six spots last year to make it to second place.

MILF: There is something about an older hot woman that makes people go crazy. Thus, it explains why MILF porn videos obtain such high amount of views. MILF pornography has spawned several other genres and helped catapult them to the top as well.

Ebony: The black porn category continues to climb up the popularity charts in the adult world. It could be interracial porn or group sex videos featuring ebony women. Or perhaps the ones showing black men with huge penises punishing white women. There is also straight up black smut. Any of it is enough to make this genre a crowd favorite.

Step Mom: The appeal MILF porno has created is part of the reason this category has climbed to the top. Those interested in sensuous and erotic MILFs, know they are moms. That makes a step mom who is super hot, even more appealing.

Teen: Nothing is sexier than 18-year old plus girls who engage in wild sex acts. For decades people have always had a fixation with teen porno. Many of the adult pornstars today look like teens. That is not by mistake since the porn industry understands the appeal teen looking adult stars have.